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paparlianko 1 canada goose Canada Goose sale outlet online point submitted 13 days ago

Firstly, the 1 CC = Kill situation was not, canada goose outlet online uk and is not good in cheap canada goose uk any way. Try explaining this to someone that doesn play the game canada goose outlet canada yet. “Oh yea man, whoever lands the first canada goose outlet sale CC wins in this game”. Does that sound healthy to you?

Secondly, adding a canada goose outlet Grab to all classes is not ideal. canada goose Homogenization is not the canada goose outlet toronto factory way to Canada Goose Outlet go. buy canada goose jacket cheap Look at uk canada goose outlet canada goose outlet uk sale WoW they went the homogenization road and Canada Goose online they are now backtracking on that because cheap Canada Goose outlet canada goose outlet store uk they quickly canada goose outlet uk realized it not the right path. People want their class choice to matter. How am I supposed to feel good about picking 1 class, if all other classes have more or less an identical kit?

Lastly, Grab was not the only canada goose outlet in usa way for classes to circumvent FG. Look at Ninja he has arguably one of the easiest ways to CC you from the back ( Block jump, Ninja Step, Silent Step, etc.), yet still has 2 Grabs. It pretty much the same with all other grab classes, Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet nyc with Berzerker MAYBE being an canadian goose jacket exception to this. Also, if non grab cheap Canada Goose classes way of dealing with SA is heavily outgearing the opponent and hope that you can blow him up while he canada goose coats on sale in SA. well, that not quite canada goose uk black friday ideal. Otherwise, I don see what you could mean.

boogerbogger 1 point submitted 13 days ago

first of all, the 1 combo meta canada goose outlet shop isn exactly true, canada goose black friday sale because canada goose factory outlet people still make mistakes or lag or something happens and their opponent lives, especially in node war.

secondly, non grab classes tend to have far more canada goose store maneuverability options that let them get behind the enemy easily, like musa and maehwa and dk and sorc and safely iframe or super armor dash behind frontal guards. canada goose jacket canada goose clearance sale outlet sure, theres a few exceptions but typically those classes are even worse in large scale (ninja, kuno, tamer).

the fact of the matter is that one shot meta was the only way to let more than half the classes in the game participate in node wars, and also let people canada goose outlet reviews duel others that were 20 30 gs higher official canada goose outlet than them. it canada goose factory sale the only possible way for the game to be balanced.

if you don like getting 1 shot, then don uk canada goose get caught. simple.

paparlianko 1 point submitted 13 days ago

Accounting for “mistakes and lag” when deciding on balance isn canada goose uk shop ideal. Should they design the game around desync as goose outlet canada well? “Lets not make this skill work that way because 2 out of 10 times when using it, it will lag or canada goose outlet black friday desync.”

Okay, I give you Musa and Maehwa, those are very obviously the classes with Canada Goose Online the best way to get behind you, but Sorc? The class that is the least protected while attacking and probably has some of the most obvious movement in the game? DK is more or less in the same boat, as in it movement being quite easy to track and it having big wholes in it defense.

And buy canada goose jacket did you just say Kuno, the fucking CC bot, is bad in large scale? I also pretty canada goose outlet store sure canada goose outlet new york city that people are getting aware of their 200% BR for large scale too.

Skill is displayed in more than just not getting caught Canada Goose Jackets once. It is also displayed in canada goose clearance making a mistake (getting caught) but then being able to recover from that mistake and turn the tides despite it. canada goose outlet parka If the game doesn allow for this, canada goose black friday sale then it limiting.

paparlianko 1 points submitted 14 days canada goose outlet jackets ago

The new CC system is actually a step in a good direction, meaning something had to be done about Grab classes being vastly superior to everything else. I not sure why they decided that Stiffness should be able to be chained endlessly, and that Stun and Knockback should fall under the Hard CC categories, but canada goose uk outlet the fix is very easy, and the improvement will be seen immediately.

Move Knockback and Stun to the soft CC canada goose coats category, along with Stiffness. Give it a cap of 3 consecutive. Keep the Hard CC Canada Goose Coats On Sale cap to 2 consecutive.

Bad PvP players are parroting that Grab classes have taken a huge hit, but somehow fail to realize that Grab is still one of the strongest CCs in the game it is the only CC that breaks through Super Armor and Block.