Hard facts are what people want and what they find sadly in

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Had about 220 CAD$ (about 180 US$) in my wallet + pending payment. 2 3 weeks worth of hashing from 3 of https://www.goosefrshop.com the computers I have at home (when they weren used for something else). Lost it canada goose store all.

canada goose store One would believe a company with over 60 million US$ in assets would only expose a part of it to some kind of danger, but, alas, we were wrong and nicehash poorly handled this with riddiculously unsecure business practices.

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cheap Canada Goose I a doc who has spent time in training on a bone marrow transplant team and canada goose uk outlet I can tell you it not quite that simple Stem cell transplant is not an entirely benign therapy. It essentially an organ transplant, except the organ is responsible for the cheap canada goose uk immune systems. Poor matches can be lethal or lead to long term complications such as graft versus host and require long term immunosupression. Trying to good bone marrow donor matches is hard already, and sometimes we do use less than optimal donors if there is difficulty in finding a match. So imagine that you only have 1% of the white population to look for Canada Goose Outlet a matching donor, the odds of a good match get uk canada goose even worse.

Big donors will have no say canada goose black friday sale over editorial policy. But people who are monthly supporters will be able to indicate what kinds of topics we cover. That just paying attention to the paying canada goose clearance sale audience. We can cover every possible topic under the sun, particularly in the early days (we targeting hiring 10 journalists to start). So we have to choose.

canada goose clearance sale If we chose based solely on web traffic, we end up following the silly typical news agenda of celebrity fluff buy canada goose jacket and political outrage. But if there are people out there who want to support something more serious then we should listen to what they are interested in.

canada goose Does that make more sense now?

My bitcoin example is a pretty good one, although I think there are other potential good ones. Bitcoin is a cheap Canada Goose super complex topic where Canada Goose sale even good canada goose factory sale journalists frequently make conceptual errors. It a newsworthy topic all uk canada goose outlet the way from highly technical news about internal community debates about scaling to emotional “caper” news about thefts and whatever.

So the bitcoin community might very well find it super interesting to have a paid journalist or two (or more) on the “bitcoin beat” and the community can help the journalists not make basic errors, and the journalists can help make the canada goose coats topic accessible to less technical people, etc.

buy canada goose jacket I don canada goose clearance think the bitcoin community would like it if there was bias, even if there was “pro bitcoin” bias that just not really helpful in the grand scheme of things. Hard facts are what people want and what they find sadly in short supply.

Canada Goose Parka When you say “Maintain a main account” there is an implicit suggestion that you might also be running alternate accounts. canada goose uk shop DO NOT DO THIS. It is deeply unethical and really and rightfully pisses people off. Please change this Canada Goose Online to “Maintain a single account with your real name. Run this within the rules, and avoid conflict. Bite your tongue where necessary. Whatever you do, don run sockpuppet accounts, the Wikipedians quite rightly hate this.”

“Post here when Canada Goose Jackets you are seeking election to some position in Wikipedia so others can help you.” This is bad advice, as it Canada Goose Coats On Sale is likely to lead to a canadian goose jacket rush of!votes by recently created accounts, which reflects negatively on Canada Goose Parka you. Becoming an administrator is a statement of trust in you by the buy canada goose jacket cheap community canada goose uk black friday and you aren going to get anywhere by trying to game the system with outside votes.

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canada goose coats There is no evidence to suggest, and no reason to suppose, that “now they probably going to punish Auerbach”. He done nothing to be femme canada goose punished for, and his point has generally been well received and the article changed for the better.

It a common mistake to read random comments by random people and think that “the admins have decided” etc.

canada goose deals How many people think Ryulong is an admin? I seen many people refer to him in that way. But he isn an admin.

The women bombarded with Canada Goose online violence and abuse, the men hurling invective at anyone challenging their privilege; spurred canada goose coats on sale by his unexamined need to find common ground, both, Auerbach writes, should share in the blame.

canada goose clearance Pretty straightforward that Isquith is calling Auerbach out (rightly or wrongly) for victim blaming. Wikipedia originally summarized this as Isquith.criticizing his insistence that women harassed and threatened and men attacking those who challenged their privilege should both be held responsible for what Gamergate had become.”

Canada Goose online Which is almost the same sentence through a thesaurus.

buy canada goose jacket cheap A different user changed “criticized his insistence” to “criticized him for saying” which I think was meant to canada goose make it seem more moderate, less insistent. But “saying” also reads as though the words came from Auerbach directly when they Isquith criticism. Which is Auerbach complaint, that he didn say those words.

canada goose coats on sale Ryulong was wrong to take Auerbach complaint as a threat (though it is strange that he singled out Ryulong). He apologized. From what I gather, Jimmy Wales was more upset at the article error (and at a different user behavior).

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Canada Goose Jackets Actually, I not particularly “upset” about anything. If you become part of the wider Internet drama (for example, by starting an AMA about yourself) surrounding Gamergate, then you likely should step away from the article.