If you do everything by hand and don want a sewing machine

Looking for resources

Andrew Wrigley has a million part series on youtube called Canada Goose Online “How to Make Shoes by Hand.” Even canada goose outlet toronto factory if you’re not planning on making canada goose any, it’s an excellent introduction to vocabulary, shoe anatomy, and techniques. Also, it’s funny how he gradually wears less and less clothing as the series progresses.

Lisa Sorrell is another good youtube canadian goose jacket personality. She does Western style boots exclusively, but there’s still PLENTY of stuff that applies to shoes canada goose outlet uk sale in general. She runs a real shop (whereas Mr. Wrigley seems to make his shoes in his apartment) so she canada goose clearance sale covers things like machinery and Canada Goose Coats On Sale some volume production issues. Also she’s generally very articulate and thorough.

Tim Skyrme also has several cheap Canada Goose good videos. Although he’s generally less thorough, after you’ve seen uk canada goose a few canada goose uk outlet things goose outlet canada from Wrigley and Sorrell he’ll help fill in a canada goose outlet uk few gaps. Also, the eerie music makes you feel canada goose canada goose coats outlet online like he might lapse into a canada goose outlet store uk story about some canada goose uk shop cheerleader that he killed one time.

St. Crispins put Canada Goose Jackets out a pretty well made video showing each step canada goose outlet jackets canada goose coats on sale in the shoemaking process. canada goose store They make up for a cheap canada goose sale uk canada goose outlet lack of narration by canada goose clearance being canada goose outlet canada extremely visually thorough.

The Manufacture of Boots buy canada goose jacket cheap and Shoes This book is particularly helpful for learning about pattern making; a subject that canada goose jacket outlet I’ve canada goose black friday sale found particularly difficult to research. a comparison of the French vs. German standards for foot measurement)

Boots and Shoes: Their Making, Manufacture, and Selling This volume (1 of ?) treats pattern making and last making; spending 170 pages on the former. It uses language that’s easy to understand, even when talking about complicated topics and provides useful explanations for basic terms and principles.

American Shoemaking if you’re thinking of dabbling in shoe manufacture in canada goose outlet online uk the early 20th Canada Goose online century. Honestly official canada goose outlet though, if you sift through it there’s really some pretty good / https://www.canadagooseparks.com canada goose outlet relevant information here and there.

Carrducker James Ducker and Deborah Carr are british shoemakers who studied under John Lobb. Their blog has lots of great Canada Goose Outlet pictures of the shoemaking process.

Shoes and Craft Run by canada goose outlet new york city Marcell canada goose outlet nyc Mrsan canada goose outlet reviews of the Koronya shoemaking company. Similar to Carrducker, but with more emphasis canada goose black friday sale on canada goose outlet store the business side of things and with the cheap canada goose uk added charm of broken English.

Dead Buried buy canada goose jacket An Australian shoe maker who specializes in women’s shoes, although canada goose outlet black friday he does men’s here and there as well. He stands apart from others in that he makes use of modern Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet in usa technology (3D printers, resin casting, etc.) rather than just sticking to canada goose outlet sale traditional techniques.

Nathalie Mornu Technically, she makes sandals. But the blog has canada goose outlet parka lots canada goose outlet shop of interesting information and helped me find several new places to source lasts from.

Lord Point Boot Leather This one my blog. It not canada goose factory sale exactly instructional but I do walkthroughs of some canada goose uk black friday very beginner level shoemaking.

As for cost. it depends on how far you want to take it. If you do everything by hand and don want a sewing machine, 5 in 1, etc, then I say you could probably get all the supplies you need for around $400 canada goose factory outlet $500. Here a semi comprehensive list of materials that you need:The Leather Guy not super high quality, but a great place to start

Leather for uppers: 4 5oz

Leather for soles: 12oz (Alternatively, for soles you could use Vibram. Look up the number for your local distributor) Canada Goose sale.