Needless to say, both gigs were just terrific

Canada Goose online Paul McCartney UK tour

cheap Canada Goose He’s coming home, he’s coming home, Macca’s coming home. We rocked you too Paul, such was the atmosphere on Sunday 1st June, memories I will treasure for the rest of my life, a special day for a special scouser. As you told us yourself, thanks from the hearts of our bottoms!

canada goose coats Al, UK

I was privileged to be at the McCartney gig in Dublin last week, and what an experience it was. An absolutely fantastic gig!!! I’m 29 years old and have canada goose coats been waiting for this uk canada goose for 15 years. As soon as the silhouette of the man himself and his famous guitar appeared on the white screen, the hairs canada goose uk outlet on my arms jumped to attention. Each time they settled, Paul would belt out another classic and they would canada goose coats on sale lose control canada goose uk black friday of themselves again!!

I was fortunate to be seated at the Canada Goose online gig, though luckily not too far back. We had a great scope of the gig and i would disagree with Mr Atherton that we were quiet. We canadian goose jacket were leaping around, stamping our feet and making ourselves heard in voice and noise. At only 5′ 7″ tall I would have been swarmed in the crowd and not seen a a thing. I can only thank the promoters for getting Paul here and hope they don’t leave it so long the next time. Remember, it was 40 years since his last concert!!!!!

canada goose black friday sale Dave Quinn,

buy canada goose jacket I saw Paul in Birmingham back in April and also in Liverpool on Sunday. Needless to say, both gigs were just terrific. The guy played solidly for three hours without a break. Canada Goose Coats On Sale That puts many of these modern bands to shame. The music was super and the show really rocked, and above all, Canada Goose Outlet proving my point that McCartney is the all time King of rock ‘n’ roll. Long Canada Goose Jackets live Macca!

Mick Deal, UK

We saw Paul at Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool and he just gets better all the time. We canada goose factory sale had a fantastic time. The sound check before the concert was great a free concert whilst we queued! After being in the middle of the front row in Manchester we were going to stand anywhere in Liverpool but when the gates opened we just ran and got on the front row at the side.

The crowd were great plenty of friendly faces and I loved uk canada goose the lanterns for the crew for Let It Be and the hearts for us to wave for Hey Jude. Paul is a wonderful entertainer and we want to see him again. Canada Goose sale Please tour again soon.

canada goose store L. and S. Jefferson,

Canada Goose Outlet King’s Dock Sunday 1st June, oh canada goose black friday sale my buy canada goose jacket cheap god, what a night. I danced and sang all the way through the whole concert. It was fantastic, I took my 14 year old son, it was his first ever concert and what a way to start him off. He was totally blown away. Paul was great and the band were excellent. The choice of songs were perfect, lots of Beatles and Wings, a few of his solo cheap canada goose uk numbers. Calico Sky was very good. But it was the Beatles songs that the crowd wanted and went wild for and he delivered!! The atmosphere was electric and yes being in Liverpool made it very special, one lady said she felt envious of what the Liverpool people have.

Canada Goose sale Annie Allitt, North Wales

canada goose deals I saw Paul cheap Canada Goose in Liverpool on Sunday and words cannot describe what it was like, this was the 20th time I’ve seen Paul and it was one of the best! Paul saw my banner “Still Lead In Your Pencil Paul!” It came up on the big screen and the crowd laughed and cheered!

canada goose coats on sale He did extra songs too, Maggie Mae, I Lost My Little Girl (first song he ever wrote), he said Canada Goose Parka he had an uncontrollable urge to sing it!! I broke down in tears during My Love after Paul introduced it saying I do love you (to his family) and then dedicating it to Linda. Paul, please never ever stop touring, you’re the best!!

Canada Goose Parka Jane Bostock, Worthing, United Kingdom

canada goose Went to see Macca at the Royal Dublin Showgrounds last Tuesday and I thought the whole show (except for the bizarre theatricals at the start) was utterly canada goose clearance brilliant.

canada goose clearance sale I wasn’t too familiar with some of the solo stuff and and the odd Wings song, but it was all carried off so well that I felt like I knew them by the end of the buy canada goose jacket songs. The ‘best song’ medal had to be between Band On The Run, Live canada goose clearance sale and Let Die and “Back in the USSR” amazing stuff.

canadian goose jacket My only complaint would be that with the exception of one brilliant Beatle maniac, the people in the seated section where I was didn’t seem to get into it canada goose uk shop much canada goose store come on people, this was once in a lifetime!

I had the good fortune to see Macca in Liverpool on Sunday after seeing Bruce Springsteen at Old Trafford uk canada goose outlet on Thursday the result: Macca is THE Boss!!!! I was there in 1990 when he last played at the dock and this was even better. Difficult to pick out any particular highlights, such was the overall quality of the show; however Live and Let Die was Canada Goose Online absolutely tremendous.

I thought Paul’s band were excellent, particularly the drummer Abe who was awesome! The text messages on the big screen before the show was a great way to kill time well done to whoever came up with that idea!

Canada Goose Jackets All in all: 11/10 come back soon Paul.

canada goose clearance Thoroughly awesome performance. I saw him in 1990 and this was a greater performance. Highlights for me some of the less well known tracks Let Me Roll It, Getting Better, I’ve Just Seen A Face and Two Of Us. The band canada goose was magnificent although backing vocals on for example, She’s Leaving Home, missed the vocal harmonies of John Lennon and George Harrison.