One group, of 47 people, sat idle, while the other group of 48

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Think fast. If you were in a public place, canada goose outlet store locations and someone suddenly collapsed, would you know what to do?need to get more people doing bystander CPR, said Dr. videos like this may be a way to get people familiar with it. current study was conducted at a Canada Goose Outlet shopping mall. Clinicians canada goose black friday sale divided participants into two groups. One group, of 47 people, sat idle, while the other group of 48 watched a one minute video to instruct them on how Canada Goose Jackets to respond to a sudden collapse. Call 911, the video instructed, canada goose store then begin hands only CPR, pushing hard and fast on the center of the chest.

Then participants were then taken to canada goose coats a private area one canada goose clearance sale at a time. There, they were introduced to a mannequin simulating a sudden collapse and were ask to do what they was best. who had seen the video called 911 canada goose more frequently. They also began chest compressions quicker and with better quality.

Panchal said that the improved canada goose outlet toronto factory responsiveness could have a impact on the dismal bystander CPR rate in the United States.

Besides having a very minimal associated cost, he said the ultra brief videos could be used at a variety of locations. Panchal and his team of researchers are planning on conducting similar tests at high schools and at a college basketball game.

in consideration for something which is cost effective and a good intervention to get to possibly increase bystander CPR, (watching the video) is a good choice early on, he added.

simple mass media canada goose deals interventions may very well help bystanders be more comfortable with the concept of actually helping save a life, he noted.

The American Heart Association says the compressions should be done to the beat of Alive, the classic disco song. Statistics from 2012 show that of the nearly 400,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests annually in the United States, about 89% of victims die because they don receive CPR from a bystander.

importance of this. it cannot be understated, said Dr. Howard Mell, an emergency physician in Ohio and spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians.

is critical, he added. know that if (someone doesn get CPR within the first eight minutes of their cardiac arrest, they will not survive, statistically speaking. also noted that the majority of cardiac arrests occur in the home.

need to learn this because their loved ones are who they are going to save, he said.

But until these videos are playing in malls or at sporting events, you can see the video

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