That’s balanced with data snapshots accompanied by ‘Our Take’

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Advertiser Perceptions, which provides data-driven business intelligence for the advertising industry, has launched an online resource providing marketing executives, agency professionals, media sellers and investors with access to its proprietary insights on advertising trends, issues and media. The Center for Advertiser Intelligence (CFAI) was launched to deliver unique and useful market research and business intelligence on the complexities, opportunities and changes occurring in the advertising marketplace. Marketers will find peer-group information on advertising and media leading to hopefully better, more informed marketing decisions. Media company executives will gain insight to help strengthen their brands and increase ad sales, while agency professionals will learn about improving client retention and generating new business. Investors will find data on media to support investment decisions.“We wanted to create one place where everyone can get meaningful answers fast on advertising trends , issues and media,” said Frank Papsadore designer replica bags , senior vice president/marketing at Advertiser Perceptions. “As the pace and complexity of advertising intensifies, the value of high-level packaged insights increases. We’ve built CFAI as a fast track to understanding, so busy executives can get the essential takeaways on important topics in minutes, not hours.” The CFAI beta site launches with a full slate of content – mixing quick-read intel briefs with data snapshots and expert takeaways. In addition, Advertiser Perceptions will add new data to the site each week based on its ongoing, proprietary advertiser research.At launch, a social media intel brief will outline how changing attitudes toward the benefits of social media advertising are driving up demand. That’s balanced with data snapshots accompanied by ‘Our Take’ analysis and a three-minute audio interview with a relevant influencer. Other topics include:Header bidding: hot today, gone tomorrow? Do advertisers believe header bidding will remain a viable search option (interview with Kirk McDonald, president of PubMatic).The Future of Measurement: targeting counts. Advertisers indicate targeting accuracy is the biggest issue that better measurement will solve (interview with Emmy Spahr, director of programmatic at Sapient/Razorfish).Advertiser Perceptions will add new data every week based on ongoing, proprietary research.“Accurate and timely insight has never been more essential, and this is premium intelligence from a respected source,” said McDonald. “The insight we gain from Advertiser Perceptions has helped us to maintain our competitive advantage in an always noisy and sometimes chaotic media marketplace.” This article is about: North America, Research, Advertising, Market Research, Marketing, Marketing Services

Center for Advertiser Intelligence launched to help understand trends, issues and media

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