“The gangs are like an anthill

Inside the Gangs of El Salvador

Until that point, the National Civil Police had followed an almost choreographed routine, again and again, as they sought to cripple the gangs economically. In the dead of night, often accompanied by television cameras, officers would batter down the doors of ramshackle houses in marginalized communities and then arrest and put on display a cluster of tattooed and half naked men.Between Canada Goose sale 2012 and 2015, the total amount confiscated in these showy anti extortion raids was $34,664.75 an absurdly tiny sum considering that the United States has designated MS 13 as a global criminal organization on a par with the Zetas of Mexico, or the Yakuza of Japan. They deployed 1,127 police officers to raid scores of supposed gang fronts, including car dealerships and bars, motels and brothels.With great fanfare, they presented to the news media rows and rows of impounded buses and cars, along with 77 suspects identified as the financial operatives of MS Canada Goose online 13 and their collaborators. of the street gang, Marvin Canada Goose Jackets Ramos Quintanilla, and two other leaders portrayed as controlling millions uk canada goose and possessing luxuries unimaginable to the destitute gang members beneath them. For instance, that supposed chief executive officer hardly lived like a kingpin; he leased a squat concrete house with a corrugated roof in a neighborhood where rents rarely reach $400. He owned an old Honda Civic and a cheap Canada Goose Nissan van.Continue reading the main storyIn collaboration with The New York Times, El Faro, a digital newspaper based in San Salvador, sought to pierce the secrecy surrounding the finances of the gangs that terrorize El Salvador, which is experiencing a level of deadly violence unparalleled outside war zones: 103 buy canada goose jacket cheap homicides per 100,000 residents last year, compared with five in the United States.With an estimated 60,000 members in a country of 6.5 million people, the gangs hold power disproportionate to their numbers. They maintain a menacing presence in 247 of 262 municipalities. They extort about 70 percent of businesses. They dislodge entire communities from their homes, and help propel thousands of Salvadorans to undertake dangerous journeys to the United States. Their violence costs El Salvador $4 billion a year, according to a study by the country’s Central Reserve Bank.And yet, the reporting determined, MS 13 and its rival street gangs in El Salvador are not sophisticated transnational criminal enterprises. They do not begin to belong in the same financial league with the billion dollar Mexican, uk canada goose outlet Japanese and Russian syndicates with which they are grouped. If they Canada Goose Online are mafias, they are mafias of the poor. El Salvador has been brought to its knees by an army of flies.MS 13’s annual revenue appears to be about $31.2 million. canada goose uk black friday That Canada Goose Coats On Sale estimate is based on canada goose coats on sale information in the 1,355 page file of Operation Check, to which El Faro got exclusive access. Wiretapped conversations reveal that the gang’s national leadership ordered its 49 “programs,” or chapters, to turn over all the money earned in a single, typical week, which happened to be in April. It collected $600,852.It sounds like a lot of money. But if divided equitably among the estimated 40,000 members of MS 13, each gang member would earn $15 a week and about $65 a month. That is half the minimum wage of an agricultural day laborer.But canada goose the gangs MS 13 and its main rival, the 18th Street gang do not distribute their proceeds equitably. They use them to canada goose uk outlet pay for lawyers and funeral services, for weapons and munitions, and for the support of those serving long prison terms and their families. Theirs is a criminal subsistence economy; even many of their leaders are barely solvent. “The gangs are like an anthill. They are all canada goose coats after the same thing: something to eat.”Unlike other canada goose factory sale groups considered global organized crime syndicates, the Salvadoran canada goose uk shop gangs do not survive on the international trafficking of cocaine, arms and humans. While they dabble in small time drug dealing, gun sales and prostitution, they engage primarily in a single crime committed over and over within Salvadoran territory: extortion.Inside El Salvador, they hold the reins of power largely because of a chilling demand repeated or implied daily across the country: Pay or die.”Look, the thing is we’re not joking around,” said one threat in childlike handwriting delivered to a bus owner recently. “Get something together. on a summer day in 2015, two young gang members intercepted a businessman as he was returning home from work. “I have kids. Calm down, please,” he managed to say before the youths grabbed him, threw him to the ground and shot him: canada goose clearance sale in a shoulder, in the stomach, and twice in the face.They were delivering a message written https://www.canadagooseonline.org in lead.”It was because of the extortion, not for any other reason,” the man’s son said.The man owned a bus. His son, who also owned a bus, said his father, tired of being extorted, had finally stopped making his canada goose black friday sale $1 daily payment to the gang three weeks before his death. It murdered him because of $21.Among Salvadoran businesses, transportation companies, whose vehicles crisscross gang territory, have proved especially vulnerable to canada goose clearance extortion. Over the last five years, it has been more dangerous to drive a bus than to fight gang crime: The gangs have killed 692 transportation workers and 93 police officers. (This is according to an analysis of internal government data that, like most data in this article, is not considered public information but was obtained by El Faro.)Genaro buy canada goose jacket Ramrez, the owner of a large bus company and a former member of Congress, calculates that he has handed over $500,000 in gang extortion payments over the last 19 years. “It’s a matter of survival,” he said. In the cheap canada goose uk same period, some 424 gang members were convicted of this crime, most of them low level people who made the pickups and were caught with the cash.The payment of extortion by bus companies is so commonplace that some have employees whose Canada Goose canadagooseonline Parka principal role is to negotiate with the gangs, which are continually raising their canada goose store rates and demanding extras like Christmas bonuses or buses to take them to the beach or to the funerals of associates.The only transportation company chief who has refused to be extorted and has made his refusal public is Catalino Miranda. Mr. Miranda owns a fleet of several hundred buses.Continue reading the main storySince 2004, the gangs have canadian goose jacket killed 26 of his employees. Canada Goose Outlet But he refuses to reconsider his position.”As I told one of them,” he said, referring to a gang representative, “go ahead and kill them. This cannot continue for a lifetime.”.

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